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Personal Finance Rules


“Personal finance is more personal than finance.”  There are so many factors that affect a person or family’s finances: where you live, what career path you take, how much financial support you receive from family, good luck, bad luck, how much money you make, poor choices, hard work, student loans, healthcare spending, a lack of education or understanding about how to run your own finances, what your lifestyle inflation looks like, what your personal relationship is with money and the list could go on and on. Ben Carlson offers some common-sense guidelines.

Modest Bragging


The easier you make it for people to understand what you’re all about, and why they should care about you, the better the odds are that they’re going to want to know you, interview you, or drop everything to hire you. Most people, however, when faced with the task of shouting out what’s so great about themselves go about it in a way that comes out all wrong and leaves those on the receiving end with the wrong impression. Just how do you make it abundantly clear that you’re great at what you do without coming off like you’re full of yourself? Have a look at these four quick ways.

Crowdsource Anything


Wikipedia defines crowdsourcing as “a distributed problem-solving and production model … problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers [‘the crowd’] in the form of an open call for solutions.”
Crowdsourcing has virtually endless applications – have a look at these real-world examples.