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Double Act


Training twice a day isn’t just for elite distance runners. One of the most obvious reasons why many runners attempt morning and evening runs is to boost their weekly mileage accumulation. However, doubling up needs to be carefully monitored as fatigue levels will increase, sometimes to unmanageable levels, which is when the body is at its most vulnerable to injury and illness. Read more about WHY and WHEN.

Stronger Runners


Today’s advanced athlete will incorporate a variety of techniques into a training program. Strength, flexibility and rehabilitation are prominent and rehabilitation, injury prevention, recovery, movement and biomechanics are the order of the day. Foam rolling, resistance bands and ice baths have become the norm. All these play key roles in protecting the athlete, helping them to perform better, with more power and more suppleness . Moreover, the one thing that can help runners increase their overall strength and endurance as well is strength training.

Barefoot Running


Barefoot running has recently gained significant attention as a result of its alleged benefits for runners of all levels. These benefits include the potential for reduced injury risk, more economical running and, broadly speaking, a better understanding of running biomechanics. But is it suitable for everyone?

This paper,  authored by Ross Tucker and others, examines some of the latest research.