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The Generalist Dilemma



Like Lisa Gordon, I realised that although I learned and accomplished a great deal as a marketing generalist, what I had amassed was a wide range of experience – but spread quite thin. Handling all aspects of the marketing matrix means that one does not have a specific specialty – and because you are so busy, you don’t realise that you need one! One great thing about doing everything is that you can figure out what you’re good at… Read Lisa’s tips here.

Acupuncture for Active People


Athletes are always looking for ways to enhance performance and speed healing from nagging injuries, as well as prevent injuries in training and competition.

Theory and recent clinical evidence suggests that acupuncture can successfully address physical as well as psychological factors that can prevent an athlete from performing at his or her peak potential.

This article examines the role of acupuncture in enhancing athletic performance and here is some useful background information.

Barefoot Running


Barefoot running has recently gained significant attention as a result of its alleged benefits for runners of all levels. These benefits include the potential for reduced injury risk, more economical running and, broadly speaking, a better understanding of running biomechanics. But is it suitable for everyone?

This paper,  authored by Ross Tucker and others, examines some of the latest research.