Social Media Influence

Social Media

Marketers are increasingly turning to social media networks. But what impact do tweets and other recommendations have on sales, and how can companies get a bigger return on their investments in these important channels? Research shows that consumers who use search engines to gain some initial knowledge of a product are also more likely to tune in to social media before a purchase. Companies that spend effectively on search-engine optimization can expect to benefit from a greater social-media impact, as well.

Double Act


Training twice a day isn’t just for elite distance runners. One of the most obvious reasons why many runners attempt morning and evening runs is to boost their weekly mileage accumulation. However, doubling up needs to be carefully monitored as fatigue levels will increase, sometimes to unmanageable levels, which is when the body is at its most vulnerable to injury and illness. Read more about WHY and WHEN.

Stronger Runners


Today’s advanced athlete will incorporate a variety of techniques into a training program. Strength, flexibility and rehabilitation are prominent and rehabilitation, injury prevention, recovery, movement and biomechanics are the order of the day. Foam rolling, resistance bands and ice baths have become the norm. All these play key roles in protecting the athlete, helping them to perform better, with more power and more suppleness . Moreover, the one thing that can help runners increase their overall strength and endurance as well is strength training.

Diet and Willpower?


If only you had more willpower, you would easily stick to your diet or exercise program, right? Turns out that you need a lot more than willpower; it’s not just about self-control. These five truths about willpower may change how you think about and use this inner resource to help meet your goals.

Going beyond this age-old question, Dave Asprey states in Bulletproof Diet: “A process like willpower is far more sensitive to your energy than the lower levels of biology needed for survival.” Essentially: if we’re not supplying our bodies with the right chemicals, we’re not going to follow up on our big plans. Do you agree?

Feet Affect Everything


Skeletal muscles not only produce force, they also act as a means for absorbing force, essentially acting as shock absorbers. When skeletal muscles aren’t activating properly, much of this stress is transferred to tendons, ligaments, joints, and surrounding connective tissue.

The feet are no different. With over 100 various muscles, the feet and ankles encompass 15-20% of all the muscles in the body. Read more about barefoot and minimalist training.

More Strategic Marketing


Marketing can easily get stuck in the weeds of executing plans, fire-fighting unexpected dilemmas, and jumping on new ideas. “Strategic” simply means something is directly aimed at achieving what a whole organization, system, or venture depends upon. It’s steering the ship, future-oriented, and widely empowering. Read more about the ways that Marketing can increase strategic impact in your company.

Crowdsource Anything


Wikipedia defines crowdsourcing as “a distributed problem-solving and production model … problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers [‘the crowd’] in the form of an open call for solutions.”
Crowdsourcing has virtually endless applications – have a look at these real-world examples.